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Poor sleep quality refers to any aspects of sleep that prevent us from feeling refreshed and restored in the morning. Getting insufficient sleep duration is one major cause. But even if we sleep for an adequate number of hours, factors like frequent awakenings, inability to fall asleep, and poor time spent in restorative sleep stages can result in feeling unrested. Common signs of poor sleep quality include:

What causes poor sleep quality? Poor sleep habits like inconsistent bedtimes, exposure to blue light from screens before bed, uncomfortable sleep environment, consumption of alcohol, heavy foods, or stimulants like caffeine close to bedtime - all these can worsen sleep quality. Underlying health issues may also play a role. These include: Managing these root causes, along with following healthy sleep hygiene habits is key to improving sleep quality over time. The experts at Vital Hormone Clinic can help identify and treat hormone deficiencies that may be interfering with high-quality, restorative sleep. Their comprehensive panels check levels of key hormones like melatonin, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone. Based on test results, their physicians develop personalized treatment plans involving bioidentical hormone therapy to restore balance. Many patients find getting their hormones optimized helps them fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply through the night, and wake up feeling truly recharged. Vital Hormone Clinic takes a holistic approach, also providing nutritional support and lifestyle changes tailored to each individual’s needs. Their exceptional patient care focuses on addressing root causes for sustainable benefits. In summary, poor sleep quality involves anything preventing us from waking up refreshed, even if sleep duration is adequate. Common signs are daytime sleepiness and impaired concentration. Poor habits, health conditions, sleep disorders can all contribute. Seeking treatment of underlying issues along with following good sleep hygiene is important. For some, hormone imbalances identified through testing at clinics like Vital Hormone Clinic could be the missing piece hindering quality sleep.

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