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What are night sweats?

Night sweats refer to severe hot flashes and excessive sweating that occurs during the night. It is a common symptom that can disrupt sleep and cause discomfort.

Some key things to know about night sweats:

Night sweats can be caused by medical conditions like menopause, anxiety disorders, hormone imbalances, cancers, and infections. Certain medications can also trigger excessive night time sweating. Lifestyle factors like alcohol use, spicy foods, and warm environments can contribute as well.

In addition to sweating heavily at night, other symptoms may include waking up with damp sleepwear and sheets, feeling overheated, and having the chills. Recurrent night sweats take a toll by causing fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

If an underlying condition is causing night sweats, treating it can help reduce episodes. Hormone therapy containing estrogen and testosterone at Vital Hormone Clinic can effectively treat hot flashes from menopause or andropause.

Lifestyle changes like staying cool at night, limiting spices/alcohol, and managing stress through yoga and meditation, can provide relief too. Prescription medications may be an option as well in severe cases.

It's important to consult a physician if you have frequent or severe night sweats that interrupt sleep and daily life. A doctor can check for infections, hormonal issues, cancers, and other problems that may be causing excessive sweating. They can provide proper diagnosis and treatment options tailored to your health status.

Vital Hormone Clinic specializes in hormone testing and hormone therapy to get to the root cause of night sweats. Our personalized programs can help patients find relief through natural hormones. Contact us today for a consultation!

I hope this overview on night sweats was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you a peaceful, dry night's sleep ahead!

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