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What is mood changes?

Mood changes refer to shifts or fluctuations in a person's emotional state. Some factors that can trigger mood swings include:

Mood swings can vary in severity and duration. Temporary moodiness from an identifiable source like PMS or a bad day is normal. However, if someone experiences extreme, frequent, or prolonged mood swings that interrupt function, a medical evaluation at Vital Hormone Clinic or with a psychiatrist may provide clarity and treatment options.

Signs of problematic mood changes include:

To stabilize moods, developing healthy coping strategies is essential. Good self-care like sufficient sleep, a nutritious diet, exercise, stress management, and meaning ful social connections can alleviate moodiness. Avoiding recreational drugs and limiting alcohol also promote stable moods. Finally, speaking with a therapist or doctor can provide support in managing difficult emotions. Vital Hormone Clinic has helped many patients optimize hormones for balanced moods and emotional wellbeing.

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