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What is Joint Pain?

Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches, and soreness in any of the body's joints. This can range from mild to severe, acute to chronic pain. Some common causes include:

Signs and Symptoms

People with joint pain may experience:

The specific location, pattern and timing of joint pain can help identify the cause:

Diagnosis and Treatment

Seeing a doctor is important to determine the cause and best treatment plan. Evaluation will include a medical history, physical exam, potentially imaging tests like x-rays or MRI, or lab tests.

Treatment focuses on relieving pain, preserving joint mobility, preventing progression, and improving quality of life. This may involve medications, injections, surgery, bracing, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, complementary therapies, and more.

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When to Seek Care

You should seek prompt medical care if you experience:

Milder joint pain can initially be managed with rest, ice, compression, elevation and over-the-counter medications. But worsening or persistent symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor. Getting an accurate diagnosis and starting appropriate treatment earlier optimizes outcomes.

Don't resign yourself to living with joint pain - take steps to care for your joints and improve your comfort and quality of life. The compassionate professionals at Vital Hormone Clinic are here to help!

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