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What is irritability?

Irritability is defined as an abnormal attitude or mood of easily being annoyed, impatient, or unhappy. It involves feelings of stress, lack of tolerance, and often anger.

Some key things to know about irritability:

Some major causes of irritability include:

Environmental stressors like work pressure, life changes, or conflict can also increase irritability.

If you struggle with increased irritability, identifying potential causes is key. The experts at Vital Hormone Clinic specialize in hormone balance treatments to reduce mood instability from hormonal changes. Their individualized bioidentical hormone therapy plans can help regulate hormones promoting inner calm.

To manage daily irritability:

Seeking treatment is wise if irritability causes strain in major life areas like work, relationships or self-care. Therapies like CBT, counseling or appropriate medications alongside lifestyle changes can help greatly.

The bottom line is irritability is common but very treatable. Identifying root causes and making positive adjustments helps restore mood balance. There are many effective solutions for managing irritability - reach out for support if needed.

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